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Savoury cheese cake (Easter cake) in different shapes and weights: French loaf, round, bun, single slice and sliced, torta al testo (typical unleavened cake), unleavened cake with ‘;ciccioli’; (greaves), vol-au-vents, pannociato (walnut bread). Type of packaging: vacuum sealed 1 Kg … Read More

Bruschetteria range

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A new range launched by the company in 2013, more delicate, lighter, available in three types of vegetable in sunflower oil: artichoke bruschetta, champignon mushroom bruschetta and Mediterranean bruschetta, recommended for: starters, vol-au-vent and sandwich fillings, snacks and canapés. Excellent … Read More

Dressed dishes in jelly

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TPrawn cake, dressed salmon, Torta Impero, Russian salad, garnished dish, assorted meringues, assorted canapés, vol-au-vents with filling. Every plate is decorated and finished by hand, then coated in a thin layer of jelly to ensure better conservation. Packaging: an assortment … Read More