Sauces for starters and condiments

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Cipollara (onion), Russian salad, mushrooms in mayonnaise, patés for toasted bread, dolcemare (prawns and rocket), prawn cocktail, rocket and grana padana cheese sauce, tuna hash, Primavera sauce, piccantina sauce (in oil), cream of artichoke in white sauce, black truffle sauce, … Read More

Fried dishes

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Stuffed olives, fried fish cannoli, fried mixed vegetables, white rice (with mozzarella) supplì, rice supplì with meat sauce, large potato croquettes filled with ham and mozzarella. Packaging: polyester 1 Kg trays in micro-perforated bag, shelf life 6 days and modified … Read More

Mayonnaise sauce

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A product obtained from the cold emulsification of sunflower oil, wine vinegar, fresh and pasteurised eggs, lemon juice, sugar, salt and mustard.Characterised by a subtly sweet, light, non-vinegary flavour, a light colour, does not oxidise and is completely free from … Read More

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