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Savoury cheese cake (Easter cake) in different shapes and weights: French loaf, round, bun, single slice and sliced, torta al testo (typical unleavened cake), unleavened cake with ‘;ciccioli’; (greaves), vol-au-vents, pannociato (walnut bread). Type of packaging: vacuum sealed 1 Kg … Read More

Fried dishes

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Stuffed olives, fried fish cannoli, fried mixed vegetables, white rice (with mozzarella) supplì, rice supplì with meat sauce, large potato croquettes filled with ham and mozzarella. Packaging: polyester 1 Kg trays in micro-perforated bag, shelf life 6 days and modified … Read More

Dressed dishes in jelly

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TPrawn cake, dressed salmon, Torta Impero, Russian salad, garnished dish, assorted meringues, assorted canapés, vol-au-vents with filling. Every plate is decorated and finished by hand, then coated in a thin layer of jelly to ensure better conservation. Packaging: an assortment … Read More

Sea products

Classic sea salad, fish skewers au gratin, filled calamari au gratin, filled squid au gratin, desalted herring fillets, marinated anchovy fillets, grilled fish fillets, roasted, livornese (tomatoes, olives and capers) and many other specialities for festivities and celebrations Type of … Read More