»; »; Ambassadors of local delicacies for over thirty years

Ambassadors of local delicacies for over thirty years

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Corciano, Conquering the world with a tangible project

SEDEby Luana Poplars

CORCIANO – Culinary tradition passed on from father to son. A company synonymous with quality and professionalism. Welcome to Gastronomia Umbra located in Taverne di Corciano.

Gastronomia Umbra was founded in 1981, by Maria Teresea Ghirga, passionate about culinary and deli art and her husband Giuliano Finetti, previous owner of two businesses in the food sector. The company is based in Taverne di Corciano, a few kilometres away from Perugia and Lake Trasimeno. Roberta Finetti, one of the owner’;s daughters as well as administrative, financial and personnel manager, talks to us about the company.

What type of production is the company involved in?
;The production laboratory consists of different areas. The are numerous departments, for example the bakery, with both sweet and savoury products; the kitchen, with ready to serve or ready to cook first and second courses; the company also produces oil or mayonnaise based sauces and creams, ready to serve vegetables and fresh pasta, from the simplest of varieties to more elaborate filled ones, and fish specialities. In addition, a few months ago we launched single “;take away”; portions on the occasion of the opening of our “;Rist’;Oro”; point of sale, for a different kind of service. We prepare all sorts of things including ready first courses which can also be heated in the microwave, cold second dishes and fried foods.

What are your best selling products?
«The bakery department produces al lot of savoury cheese cake and torta al testo. We also sell a lot of pâté sauces and pasta sauces».

Do you intend to create a few new ranges?
«The crisis has inspired us to search for new ideas. A couple of months ago we released “;Nobile Gusto”;, a range of truffle-based products. It was developed as a possibility to enter onto new markets, to diversify our clientèle. We are promoting this range, especially abroad and in restaurants».

Do you think that the market has recovered?
«I believe it has, at least, as far as we are concerned. To date results have been quite satisfactory. Sale trends are positive. Compared to 2013, in 2014 there was a 7% increase; the second quarter of 2015 also concluded with a further 5% increase compared to the previous year.

How can you describe Gastronomia Umbra’;s clientèle?
«80% is large scale retail channels whereas the remainder consists of small food shops, catering businesses and agritourisms. In 2014 we acquired and met new clients which are managed by my brother, Gianluca, the company’;s sales director. With the Pam Franchising group we have entered the Orvieto and Perugia branches. We have also signed a contract with the Coal group, Ancona, an opportunity for us to open out onto new markets such as the Marche region. But there’;s more. We work with Pac 2000 therefore we also supply the new hypermarket and some former Cadla shops in Arezzo which were taken over by the Pac group, where we entered automatically. Clients in large scale retail channels also include Grandi Magazzini Fioroni and Coop Centro Italia».

So the company is also aiming to open out onto new markets?
«Yes, we are also making attempts to do so abroad. We have also been developing contacts with Estonia, Lithuania and Australia, all countries which have shown considerable interest in our glass jar preserved foods and products. During these months we have been participating in themed fairs promoted in the aforementioned countries. I present the company and organise targeted tasting sessions for buyers upon special invitation. My son Andrea has moved to Australia and plans to export some of our prime products through the Italian agency “;Excellent Gusto”;, with headquarters in Florence, London and Perth. Gastronomia Umbra also actively participates in another project, through myself and my father: Umbria&;Flavours Ltd.. The company was founded by businessmen from Umbria and aims to promote some of the region’;s excellent products through a national and international network of shops and restaurants, in order to develop rapid catering services for take away and eat in foods. We aim to open the first point of sale in Milan before Christmas and my daughter Francesca shall be on the staff team, with the aim of maintaining and raising awareness of our region’;s traditions.

In your opinion what are your strongest points?
«I believe there are many, including: the use of only the finest, highly select ingredients, modern production technologies, qualified personnel, the presentation of fresh packaged products. Quality and the self-control regime, in compliance with Haccp or Hazard analysis and critical control points are fundamental for us: this means the analysis of dangers and critical control points, a protocol (a set of procedures, ed.) for the prevention of dangers of food contamination.
km0 Made in Umbria between family and “Rist’Oro”

Gastronomia Umbra was founded in 1981, based on an idea by Maria Teresa Ghirga and her husband Giuliano Finetti. It is located in via Palmiro Togliatti 22 in Taverne di Corciano. A synonym for quality and genuineness, it mostly focuses on the production, transformation and daily distribution of food products and deli products from Umbria.
Currently Gastronomia Umbra is run by the sons of its founding shareholder: Stefano, Luca, Valentina and Roberta Finetti. It has thirteen employees and seven agents.
Shop and products

On 30th March Gastronomia opened “;Rist’;Oro”;, its first ever point of sale located next to the company offices. It is located in a small wooden cottage which has recently been expanded with a new structure so that more people can have the chance to savour a reasonably priced, healthy, typical local lunch.

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. As well as purchasing km zero Gastronomia Umbra products, there is a range of services available such as as booking the restaurant for dinners and events, with personalised menus. But there’;s more. The wide swathe of services offered by Gastronomia Umbra also includes the possibility to order to catering and buffet services. There is particular focus on companies operating in the local area. Indeed special baskets have been created for all clients, containing a first course, water and dessert; a second course, water and dessert. Moderately priced so that workers in the local are can enjoy a reasonably priced lunch.

The creation of the shop also inspired the idea of organising guided tours of the company with opportunities for the tasting and purchasing of products. Lastly, the company also collaborates with other local producers for the promotion of Made in Umbria products.

For information: 075/6978883, www.gastronomiaumbra.it.

article from Umbria Economia, r eleased on 17th october 2015