»; »; Gastronomia Umbra in Milan for “PreTesto”

Gastronomia Umbra in Milan for “PreTesto”

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CORCIANO – Gastronomia Umbra products have arrived in Milan. ;PreTesto”; was officially opened a few days ago, a bar located on viale Montenero which serves “;made in Umbria”; food and wine products. The initiative was created by “Umbria &; Flavours Ltd. ". The company was created from an idea conceived in mid 2014, focused on the promotion of excellent culinary specialities from the Umbria region through the development of a network of outlets in Italy and abroad. Not so much restaurants in the truest sense of the word, but rather businesses selling traditional fast foods, including typical products such as “;torta al testo”; and “;torta di Pasqua”; (savoury cakes). Indeed both products feature on a menu including typical Umbria charcuterie and cheeses, fresh pasta, meat and fried specialities as well as other delicious products and dishes from Italy’;s greenest region.

The idea of its shareholders is to raise awareness of these dishes, typical of the region’;s “;poor”; country culture, through this new network, specialities which are rarely heard of beyond the region but which are sure to appeal to a market which is competitive but with a keen eye for genuineness, goodness, good value for money and an awareness of the importance of these values.

This is why the involvement of the Finetti family in the company is so important: with over forty years of experience in typical Umbria cuisine, through Gastronomia Umbra it successfully operates on the mass distribution market and beyond. But there’;s more. Francesca Brunelli is a member of the staff team at the Milan-based restaurant, Giuliano Finetti’;s nephew and Roberta Finetti’;s daughter, with considerable experience in the food, wine and dining sectors. Therefore this company is the beating heart of an idea which was also developed by other shareholders of Umbria &; Flavors (mostly business men and professionals from other sectors), with an awareness of having a credible “;partner/supplier”;, a stable guarantee for reliability an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

After opening the first business in viale Montenero, Milan, the company began plans to expand to other cities in Italy, where in some cases negotiations have almost concluded. The plan is for new shops to be run either under direct management or in franchising. For now expansion abroad is part of more long term plans however, considering the sheer goodness of this project and the importance of Italian Food beyond the country’;s borders, this could happen sooner than expected.