»; »; Gastronomia Umbra products to feature in the “Avanti tutta” Christmas hamper

Gastronomia Umbra products to feature in the “Avanti tutta” Christmas hamper

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Volunteerism –; Choose an “;Avanti tutta”; hamper for Christmas!
Cenci: ;Proceeds will be used to replace gloomy neon lighting with led lights on the cancer ward”;

Conferenza stampaPress conference, Perugia –; There is no stopping Leo the volcano, it continues to erupt contagious energy, producing a relentless flow of ideas and projects to render the life of cancer patients as normal as possible. Today the Christmas gift hamper “;Avanti tutta”; was presented in the Sala Pagliacci of the Perugia Province, by six food companies from Umbria and Associazione Leonardo Cenci, together with the Vice President of the Province Roberto Bertini. The charitable initiative is centred around a hamper containing quality products made by the company. Cantina Chiorri, Culinary Umbra, coffee Donnini, agricultural Orve, Paul truffles, crusher Gnavolini, have all contributed products to fill the Avanti Tutta hamper. Part of the proceeds shall be donated to the association “;Avanti Tutta”; which intends to replace all old neon lighting on the cancer ward, with warmer and more efficient led lights. ;What I am trying to do with my association is to render the cancer ward a more welcoming place”;, Leonardo Cenci explains. The application of colourful wallpaper in rooms and along corridors began this morning. What I want for those who are fighting cancer, is for them to feel as though they are in a welcoming place, much like their own home. The plan to replace neon lighting with led is very expensive and ambitious but as always we can do it, thanks to the help of all those who shall purchase an “;Avanti Tutta”; hamper (cost 35 Euros). Numerous studies have shown that eating quality foods and doing sport are two habits which may slow down the progress of cancer. Products in the hamper are all from our local area and extremely high quality”;. Mr. Bertini adds “;It’;s impossible not to hear the roar of Leo: full steam ahead!; These six local companies have made a generous contribution to this initiative, a true show of altruism which is a fundamental quality for high level business men. Roberta Finetti from the company Gastronomia Umbra, on behalf of all businessmen present, insisted on reminding everyone of “;the importance of Leo’;s mission and the importance, especially at Christmas, of being close to those fighting this terrible disease.”;