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Gastronomia Umbra abroad

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La Gastronomia Umbra sbarca all'estero
Best Western Vilnius

A new and important chapter in the history of “;Gastronomia Umbra”;. The company has decided to expand abroad, with the presentation of its own products in a series of important meetings in Northern Europe, for the launch of the new range “;Noble Taste;, featuring truffle-based products.
The first event is scheduled to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 21st September; the second has been scheduled on the 31st October, at the International Food Festival in Tallin, Estonia. Two important events attended by the business founded by Giuliano Finetti and Maria Teresa Ghirga, to raise awareness and provide international importers with the chance to taste their own products, through their participation in the project promoted by the Perugia Chamber of Commerce with the competition “;Fiere estero 2015”;.
Gastronomia Umbra is ready to make the great leap forward, inspired by its impressive achievements over the years, thanks to the dedication of the entire Finetti family and the work which has been put into obtaining customer loyalty. The company shall present two ranges both in Vilnius and Tallin: ;Nobile Gusto”; and the successful classic “;Taste of Home; which have raised awareness and inspired admiration for the company’;s professionalism and tireless research into goodness and flavour. The company based in Taverne di Corciano is set to don white gloves and serve family specialities beyond Italy: dishes and products which it has lovingly nurtured and elevated to “;nobility”;.
Gastronomia Umbra is a fully evolving business, aware of the importance of opening its windows onto new markets and dedicating itself to what has firmly remained its main objective since first opening in 1981: the creation of a thrilling experience through taste and flavour.