»; »; Latest: order your New Years Eve menu online at Gastonomia Umbra

Latest: order your New Years Eve menu online at Gastonomia Umbra

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CORCIANO – Order your New Year’;s Eve menu online on a special platform and pay for it when you go to pick up your dishes. The latest addition to services offered by Gastronomia Umbra, located in Taverne di Corciano, the region’;s first company to activate this type of service. Simple and quick to order. Customers have two options: they can either purchase the complete menu (available at a promotional price) or single dishes (based on the tastes and preferences of guests). Just connect to the platform gastronomiaumbra.chemangi.it, which also saved many people from queuing last year at the country festival to order their food. There are many advantages for users. Even if several families come together to celebrate New Year’;s Eve over dinner, each one can directly order what they wish to eat. Upon completing the procedure, the customer is requested to provide their cell phone number so that they can receive an sms containing their order code. On New Year’;s Eve, a single person entrusted with order codes can go to the company, pick up the orders and pay in cash or by card. The project, which in the future is set to expand its services for the purchasing of other products, was created and developed by the “;Che mangi”; platform (www.chemangi.it) and the e-commerce manager Fabrizio Minelli.

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