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Cooked vegetables

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A wide range of cooked vegetables, olives and seasonal side dishes.
Our range of cooked vegetables includes simple and traditional spinach, chard, chicory, as well as our exclusive campagnola and rustica mixes, all suitable as side dishes or for filling savoury and rustic pies. The range also features spinach, artichoke and potato pies available in different weights.
Olives: green, giant and seasoned, stuffed with chilli pepper, baked Greek black, recommended for starters or fillings. Seasonal side dishes include: mixed vegetable au gratin, rice filled tomatoes, aubergines in tomato sauce or baked, prepared by hand using fresh daily ingredients.
Packaging type depends on product: modified atmosphere trays available in 0.25 Kg 0.5 Kg 1 Kg 1.5 Kg and vacuum packed tray available in 1 Kg 2 Kg. Average shelf life varies according to type of product: 5-60 days